African Dating Sites

The Unique Features of African Dating Sites

Dating is always difficult. You have to open yourself up to new people and try to connect with them. Sometimes it works and most of the times; it does not.

Although they may behave just like conventional women, African Brides are truly unique. They have a completely different attitude towards life. They are courageous, outgoing, independent, and very hard working. Most African women are looking for the same features in their potential mates.

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Dating is part of the social sector, and we now have diverse platforms to promote this aspect such as African dating sites.  If you have been looking for your soulmate to no avail, it is time you tried these sites to get your life partner.

Join us as we explore some of the best African dating sites for Non-African men. Enjoy!


Meet an African beauty from a dating site that cares about your love life. This has existed since 2002, connecting thousands of singles from all over the world. It is a trusted site that keeps on growing every day with millions of members.

It is run by the famous cupid media network that also operates other reputable dating sites. You can communicate with singles from African and Western countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, France, Ghana, and the USA.

Having operated for more than ten years, they have been able to gather a lot of success stories from couples that met here and end up in marriage. Get inspired by such stories and start the journey of finding true love.

They promise to give you a memorable dating experience that leads to a happy relationship. The dating site is user-friendly and features messaging facilities that increase interaction to help you meet the one. They offer personalized services and advanced technology to help you date in style.

With this African dating site, you can search through thousand profiles of both genders to find an attractive person that shares similar interests as you. This site also offers you privacy by offering a personal inbox for you to find your match while remaining anonymous. You can add your profile to the site and attach your photo.


Take your dating game to the next level by joining this dating site that enables you to discover like-minded African ladies whom you can connect through your tablet even from miles away. This site enables you to share your photos and interest with beautiful ladies in your search for the love of your life.

Unlike going on personal dates which can be time-consuming, this saves you time and money. It gives you a chance to chat with a potential partner before you can meet them. This helps you get some information regarding them and be more confident when you finally meet them.

It also offers a secure network with powerful encryption to keep intruders away from your account. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about privacy. has been able to make more than 4 million connections within 15 years.

It also eliminates language barriers by providing the site in different languages so that you and your African queen can understand each other. You will also find interracial opportunities for dating from this website. As a non-African man, you can meet ladies from South Africa, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Ghana.


Are you interested in meeting Ethiopian damsels? This is the right website to choose. Ethiopia is one of the African countries with the most beautiful girls who have been raised with firm principles. This site offers you chat rooms, informative profiles as well as photo galleries for you to select a lady that matches what you are looking for.

This is your opportunity for you to develop your own dating profile and to share your personality with an interested lady. The website has promoted love for more than ten years now, connecting thousands of citizens from different countries.

It incorporates advanced technology to help you make a lasting impression on an African lady. They include fancy machines and robots that work in your favor. Unlike other dating sites that focus on entertaining people, this aims at helping you form real connections. They do this through intuition tools that are formulated to help you express your feelings. They are both fun and safe to use.

The site also gives others a chance to chat with you as it provides access to members all over the world. It goes beyond cultural boundaries and language barriers to help you find love.


The lady of your dreams is just one click away. You can find her in Africa by joining this Africa dating site that is all about bringing you a happy ending. It is a site that comes highly recommended by many for being the source of many happy couples.

It allows you to meet exotic ladies from Africa, flirt and date the lady of your choice. Through the site, you can send international messages and chat with different ladies.

It is a platform that can make you form a lasting relationship with a woman that matches your preference. It is upon you to choose the dating pace that you need since you can also establish real friendships with different people.

KissesOfAfrica also include search features which help you scroll over thousands of user profiles. It also gives you the chance to create your own and share individual photos for other single ladies to view them.

The registration is free and yet offers you so many opportunities to socialize with others. You, therefore, do not have any excuse not to take advantage of the site. You can also register for gold membership though this comes at a price which is reasonable. Pay for the gold membership on a monthly or annual basis.


Are you tired of dating sites that get scammed frequently? Get this dating site that uses an anti-scam system to give you absolute protection. This site confirms that all the members that join the site are actually real people looking for love. You can, therefore, rest easy knowing that people are not taking advantage of your love seeking situation.

This is also an African dating site that gets a lot of attention from people all around the world. It provides outlets for you to send letters to potential mates and chat with them through sharing messages even at night. You can also send videos and photos making it even more personalized to make the experience enjoyable.

Sometimes, it is not easy to meet someone with the same values as yours, but by sharing information with people from all over the world, you widen the scope and increase the chances.


This African dating site is unique in that it offers you a free trial for three months to test it. The services offered here are friendly and accommodating to people from different languages. It provides you with both messaging facilities and sophisticated search that makes the dating experience fun and worth it.

There is use of trending technology to give you personalized service for you to meet your perfect match. You can go through thousands of profiles consisting of South African ladies from different backgrounds. You also get a personal inbox and a profile to use at your convenience.

Select the best photos and add it to your profile as you leave a brief description of who you are.  You can also specify the traits you are looking for from a lady to increase the chances of finding one that fits them. The website also provides you with contact details if you need to reach out to the founders.

We listed a few tips you can follow while trying to date African women

1. Do not pretend you are black if you do not belong to the same race. African women are usually open to interracial dating. They are open-minded but the onus is on you to impress them. Be truthful if you’ve never dated an African women before and they will be more likely to overlook cultural differences.

2. Be friendly with her family. Most African women belong to tight-knit religious families and they are particularly close to mothers, aunts and grandmothers. If you want a long-term relationship with a woman, it’s a good idea to be on good terms with her favorite relatives as well.

sexy african wife3. Most African women are religious but this is something you have to find out for each women. If you are interested in a particular race, make sure that you check before you start dating.

4.  African races differ considerably and so does the skin color and culture. If you are looking for African brides from a specific country or area, make sure that you use the right websites or dating agency.

The bottom line is that every woman is unique. Just be yourself and make sure that you accept the woman for what she is. If you are looking for a short-term or long-term relationship be upfront about it right away to prevent disappointment. This is particularly true if you start an intimate relationship.

Women are hardwired differently and they do tend to equate sex with marriage. If you are looking for African Brides, we suggest you try specialized dating sites where you will be able to find like-minded women who want to be a stable relationship.

Final thoughts

Non-African men now have the chance to date African ladies without having first to make a trip to Africa. Take advantage of this dating sites to meet your future wife. All the best!